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ROBERTS ENGINEERING Supplies, manufactures and installs mild steel fencing and gates (automated if required) in various styles. From standard straight fencing to "hoop" topped and various types of finials. We also manufacture drive and personnel gates and heavy duty "wide span" gates from steel sections.

Gates and fencing can either be primer painted and finished in a gloss paint, powder coated to a standard RAL colour or galvanized and painted. 

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual needs further.

Gates Wide Span
Green Fencing
Thwaite Street
Portal frames for new industrial units or warehouse extensions, roof trusses, plant and sewerage farm steelwork, signage towers and mezzanine floors.
floor beams
Isolated steel members, door lintels, builders beams, compound beams, wind posts, flitch plates and box frames.   
Individual fencing panels drive and personnel gates, automated if required. Designed for houses, hotels, offices and schools.
handrail and walkway
Galvanized access walkways/platforms, handrail and cat ladders for service cores and machinery maintenance.